Learning, An Idiot’s Guide – Introduction

This is an introduction to “Learning, An Idiot’s Guide”.

Learning Defined

Let’s start  with the definition of learning:

1:  the act or experience of one that learns

2:  knowledge or skill acquired by instruction or study

3:  modification of a behavioral tendency by experience

This blog aims to guide in the instruction of the second definition.  Unless one is a strict and consistent adherent of behaviorism (of which I am not), then this is the most all-encompassing definition, is better than the third definition, and ought to serve as our foundation going forward.

Learning by sense

“I’m sensing knowledge here.”

This is not a perfect definition, but it will do for now.  This idea of learning presupposes that there is some goal to our learning that is fairly tangible – something we can add to our database of prior information, as it were.  It’s not just an activity we do to say, pass the time, or because we derive great pleasure from it.  Although these two qualities are often present while learning, the type we are striving for effects a real change in our repository of knowledge.  This can happen in many ways, ways which we will talk about in future blog posts.  But for now, the idea is something my readers (whether they agree or not) should be clear on, and with that in mind let me make something known about this site.  It hopes to achieve above all else clarity.

Aim of this site

We may disagree on things from time to time, probably even more often than not.  But the objective is to be as clear as possible, so that straw men are not needlessly constructed and torn down.  This is a pernicious, lengthy activity which can almost solely and entirely stifle learning before it even starts.  It’s an important principle and this site will grant it the highest priority.  Readers, keep me honest.

With our agreed upon definition, we’ll discuss the role Variety plays in learning in the next section of the guide.  Thanks for checking in.